Legal Services for Businesses

If you are in business, among other matters, we can assist you with:


Drawing up Constitution documents, shareholders’ agreements, directors’ contracts, employee contracts and consultancy contracts with a view to ensuring managerial and financial accountability in partnerships and businesses, and setting up safeguards against fraud.

Assisting to institute proper accounting, bookkeeping and documentation, that will fulfil statutory requirements and ensure transparency.


Drawing up commercial contracts that facilitate clear and certain performance of the agreed terms, and safeguard your rights in case of contingencies such as breach of contract or non-performance.

Facilitating joint ventures, mergers and takeovers ensuring due diligence i.e. verifying the claims with regards to business volume, customer base, etc.

Registering trademarks in Singapore and internationally.


Resolving disputes between shareholders/directors/partners/contracting parties, or with employees, suppliers, contractors, customers or clients either privately or via public institutions such as the Courts, mediation or arbitration centres, with a view to managing costs and securing a final resolution. We have handled international ICC arbitration and trade disputes. We have also applied for and executed injunctions (including Mareva injunctions) and search and seizure orders (Anton Piller orders).

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